Unreconized CD Drive in Bios...

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Some may know my last posts with the HP Pavilion 512n. It is now not reconizing the DVD drive in the BIOS, but Windows XP reads it perfectly fine. It's not a problem, until I want to install a new Operating System on it. Any way to fix this?

I have kept the original drive in it, and I have used a new drive in it too. Everything is original besides the RAM and the other DVD drive. Anything would help, even an upgrade to the god forsaken BIOS.


  • First try resetting BIOS to defaults. Maybe an IDE channel is disabled or something like that.
    I wouldn't expect a BIOS upgrade will help, as it was recognized before. There must be something odd with the drive, the settings or (at worst) the controller.

  • I've reset the BIOS. It has been read in the bios before and continues to be read by Windows XP, like stated before. Only the BIOS has trouble detecting it.

  • If you have contact cleaner, spray it in the IDE ribbon cable and test the CD drive again and see what happens.

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