[Offer] Digital Research DR-DOS 6.0 (08-23-1991) (1991)(Digital Research)

*Digital Research DR-DOS 6.0 (08-23-1991) (1991)(Digital Research)


Content : 2 Disk Images (5.25" 1.2MB)

SHA1:dc369c038611974abe42ad4380b1f9385d732ad5 / STARTUP
SHA1:6ea4632fdfd7aa7a51ad1c958483556575883d10 / VIEWMAX


  • But there is no copy on spanish :(

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    This is original English/US language version.

    I don't have any non-English/US version.

    You know this thread is for offer software, not for request.

    So please don't complain on this thread.

  • @ibmpc5150 Thanks fot this one.

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    No problem.

    This is also uploaded on PCjs site, but I needed verification.
    So I bought diskettes only and dumped it. (Verified!)

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