I have posted Whistler Professional Beta 2 and Windows NT 5.0 Workstation Beta 2 in german.

Hello, Where are my posted Beta Versions? I can not find them in the libary. It is not fair. You do not have the betas in your library yet. Please answer. Greetings Dominik Plangg


  • This site is run by a few volunteers who have lives besides this place, and there's already a backlog of software that needs to be uploaded. What's not fair here?

  • I have to agree with Nick right there. You can't just expect to have something complete in a giphy. People have their own lives. A lot of us make offers on WinWorld, and not a lot of our offered software is not taken up in the library. It usually takes time to verify your release. I think you can contact @SomeGuy, the library curator here, via private message, with links to your releases (put your downloads on a file hosting site like MEGA, OneDrive, DropBox, etc.), so that he could upload your stuff to the library.

  • At the moment I am the only one adding new content at all. And yes, I have a huge backlog. Plus, quite frankly the larger the file, the less likely I'll ever get around to it. It would take me a good chunk of a week just to upload a single full sized DVD image (the only fiber around here comes in cereal boxes). There is also the matter of limited Winworld bandwidth and storage space.

    Yes, I do select favorites. That is just the way it has to be. I focus on what interests me personally, floppy based productivity applications, and that keeps me way way way more than busy. If there were others adding content to Winworld, they would pick files based on their interest first, perhaps they would pick games or MS betas.

    Feel free to remind me if I have missed something, and feel free to discuss the files, but in this case these are at the bottom of my priority list.

    I just noticed someone put some Lotus FreeLance files on Archive.org - that interests me and I'll be looking at those tonight instead of doing some other unrelated stuff I will probably get yelled at for not doing.

  • Patience is a virtue, my friend. It's part of life.

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    It took about three months for my BodyWorks 4.0 to go from offer to library, and that is a relatively rare win16 application, as opposed to newer betas which may already be on other sites.

    As for my offer of Simply Accounting, which is obviously productivity software, there are no abandonware releases of it on the Internet Archive or BA last I checked, so I think it would be a little scoop for WinWorld.

    I will respect your timescale and wait patiently for its addition if it's not in the cards soon. :)

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