[OFFER] AutoCAD r10 (DOS)

Found this on another website. It's unfortunately only an archive of files, but it works perfect as far as I tested it on an era-appropriate computer.



  • I posted this offer almost a year ago, and it still isn't on the AutoCAD page. What gives?

  • I don't have a good way to go back and add rejection notes to threads, so I usually don't post reasons.

    But glancing at this, it appears to be a crufty installed folder. That means it is almost certainly incomplete and missing files, even if YOU can run it. People who need different configurations may be screwed. Unless there is a good reason for it, we normally prefer disk images. In some cases where I can verify completeness, I can fit setup files back on floppy disks, but this takes time, so such archives will usually just sit on my hard drive forever. I have THOUSANDS of files like this.

    Also, this file is from VETUSWARE. I've been through most of their files already. It is a trash dump. This one belongs there. No need to "offer" it here or post it to some other file hosting. Feel free to link to Vetusware and discuss if such files should be added here. In this case, I say "no", I will wait for someone to contribute genuine floppy disk (or CD) dumps.

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