After Dark 4.0/10th Anniversary Edition on Windows 2000

edited February 2019 in Software

I have After Dark 10th Anniversary Edition up and running on Windows 2000, with a few caveats. Here are some things that are necessary to get it or version 4.0 to work:

-firstly, to run the AD 4 installer, you must regsvr32 %systemroot%\WINNT\system32\apppatch\slayerui.dll to enable compatibility mode (introduced in SP2). Then, make a shortcut to the setup.exe and set it to the Windows 95 compatibility layer.

-Ensure that any files that are copied to a dummy %systemroot%\WINDOWS are moved to their equivalent position in %systemroot%\WINNT; most importantly, "after dark.scr" is placed in WINNT\system and system32 or else the screen savers will not run.

Unfortunately, only 17 out of 46 screen savers actually work on my machine with 32-bit colour (there are three that only work in 256-colour mode even in Windows 9x); the ones that don't work are all ported from earlier versions.

Luckily, the After Dark 3.2XP package works perfectly in win2k for any older modules:

I miss 98SE though...

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