My Passport Ultra - OS Compatibility Findings

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UPDATE: disregard most of that; 98SE ended up eating most of the data, even with the patched HDD driver. I recommend using large USB HDDs only with Windows 2000 SP3 (with 48-bit LBA enabled) and up. A chkdsk under Windows 10 restored it though! it was fun while it lasted though

Installed 98SE on my T41 (without ACPI this time :) ), installed Paragon NTFS drivers, then plugged in a My Passport Ultra 1TB USB HDD.

This all in spite of the box saying that it's "formatted for Windows Vista and up". In fact it seems to work with USB 1.1, so the two remaining win95 users could give it a try (although they'd probably know by now ;))

Don't forget to install a 48-bit LBA patch of course! (like at

BTW, is there a DOS NTFS driver?

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