[OFFER] MkLinux DR3, July 1998

I'm not sure how common this is, but if anybody is interested I have an original rip. This link will come down in a few days.

https://www.dropbox.com/s/j467n4ypbhmqti2/MkLinux DR3.iso?dl=0


  • Never heard of this! I would think it would be acceptable here

  • I don't know common it is, either, but for sure it is something special and very important – Linux for Macintosh computers. It only runs on Old-World PPC Macs, i.e. the beige generation before G3.

    Mk stands for microkernel, as it uses the Mach microkernel for hardware abstraction and compability. It is like an ancestor experiment to Darwin (Mac OS X' base system), which is similar, but uses parts of the BSD Kernel and the BSD userland, and instead of X11 and got a NeXTstep-based interface after the return of Steve Jobs.

    Very interesting historically. Theory: Would Apple even had wanted NeXT with their NeXTstep … if there was no successful attempt at creating MkLinux, would Mac OS X or iOS exist today? Maybe we would still be using Nokias, because Apple could have gone bankrupt 20 years ago … ;)

    More info about MkLinux at WP.

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