3dfx vga card

kan geen vga card 3dfx instaleren in vmware worstadion 15


  • Please note that this is an English forum.

    VMWare doesn't emulate 3dfx cards. PCem or 86box will.

  • Hey, if people are from another country (which I don't know if the OP actually is foreign, but maybe he could be, since he was speaking in Dutch) can speak their language if they can't help it. However, most of us forum members only speak English, so I kinda do see why most forums may have that type of rule in particular, so I think it would have been best to try speaking English. No offense.

    Anyway, I translated what the OP was trying to say:
    can not install vga card 3dfx in vmware workstation 15

    If you don't know what someone is saying because they're using a foreign language, Google Translate is your friend :)

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