[REQUEST] Nichimen/IZWare Mirai 1.x

Not like a super serious request, but if anyone has original media that they can dump for it, I would much appreciate it. There are a few copies floating around on old warez CDs and the like but seeing it properly archived would be very nice, on the off chance anyone has it~


  • Hmm, sounds interesting. Had to look it up. Wikipedia has a brief entry:

    "Mirai is a 3D creation and editing suite available originally from Nichimen Graphics Corporation, later from Winged Edge Technologies, and currently from Izware. The modeller uses the winged edge data structure, is written in Common Lisp, and traces its lineage to the S-Geometry software from Symbolics.[1][2] It has been used primarily by game developers and high-end character animators—for example by Bay Raitt's facial morph targets for the Gollum character in The Lord of the Rings film trilogy."

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