Windows 95 OSR 2 ISO is bad

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Please have a look at removing the Windows 95 OSR4 ISO. I chose the 2nd link. I used Windows95B from All Boot Drives and got as far as past creating my volume label after Formatting C: I put the ISO contained in and did DIR and it said 0 files found. Now the RTM version of Windows 95 installs just fine but OSR version is the one with the sample music and sound schemes. Is there a REAL ISO I can get anywhere? A hard search reveals either out of date links or suspicious exe or virus type sites.

The instructions here look NOTHING like that when I use the Windows 95 B Boot Disk. I am not sure if it's Win World Archive corrupt or All Boot Disks website corrupt..


  • WinWorld also has Windows 9x boot disks. You can use the ones from 98 instead of 95, though they lack so you'd have to go through X:\win95\oemsetup (replace X with the letter assigned to your CD-ROM drive)

    I think the empty CD-ROM thing would only happen if it were to be formatted UDF as opposed to CDFS + Joliet, the latter being supported natively by Windows 95. I'd be shocked if a dump of the OS was made in a format incompatible with itself.

    If OSR2 itself poses issues, you can use OSR2.1, which is the same thing but with USB support included (but not installed by default).

  • The OSR/2.0 ISO looks fine to me. You've made some mistake somewhere, but you have not provided enough information for anyone to help you.

    BTW this ISO contains ISO+Joliet file systems, and appears to be a genuine CD dump.

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