• Thanks for offer the rare disk.

  • You're welcome. Here's some commentary on and descriptions of the software:

    PC Paintbrush: The READ.ME file denotes the software bundle as a Plus edition (due to it's inclusion of display drivers) and logs version 1.68 as a "new OEM DAK version with improved small image loading." The chronology of all the versions of PC Paintbrush at this point is very weird. This bundle's version number is smaller than the 3.x versions for DOS released prior to it but higher than the 1.x version numbers of the Windows platform-specific refresh. DAK was a popular catalog publisher in the latter-half of the 20th century. This version was likely exclusive to subscribers of the catalog. My scans of the package seem to be the first photos of DAK's software bundles online.

    The program seems very persnickety and doesn't like to run on VirtualBox without setting the display driver to either CGA 2-color or CGA 4-color.

    Cubasis: Is to Cubase as GarageBand is to Logic Pro. A compact and simple DAW for Classic Macs. I haven't actually virtualized this yet. KryoFlux picked up a read error on track 2 side 1 of the Master disk; this could either be demagnetization of the floppy or copy protection.

    Personal Science Laboratory: I bought the kit these disks were included with. It's basically a meter that you can connect probes that measure different things such as temperature, light, pH and motion. The meter connects to the PC via parallel cable and the software interprets the incoming data. These things were used in schools in the early 1990s to teach students general physics and chemistry. The kit I grabbed is apparently an early model and the 0.90 version number would indicate that this is a pre-release.

    Prodigy Preview Disk: Exactly what it says on the tin. Lots of rare and dope EGA graphics from various Prodigy Service pages are contained within the menu choices. Though not proper software, WinWorld already has a few demo disks for download. I'd like to see this get more exposure.

    And people say Webvan was the first to do online groceries ;) .

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