Have most of the versions released thanks to a good friend of mine, along with (except for 2.0 and 5.1) the customary source code discs that were also included with it.

1.x is in QIC tape format while the rest are ISO9660 CD-ROMs. If there's any substantial interest, let me know, and I'll upload them in here.


  • Hmm, no one else has a site for these?

    As I recall, unlike the other BSDs BSD/OS was a commercial proprietary license.

    I'll like to take a look at those. Do you also have media scans or photos of the media?

  • No media scans, although who sent me them might. I'll ask.

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    Yeah I'm aware of the archive.org uploads, but they aren't anywhere near complete. Anyway I had some computer trouble yesterday, so I'll redownload the whole bsd/os set and then start giving upload links here. (firefox send probably)

    (edit: although neozeeds BSD/386 2.0 upload has the source code in 7z format, so it might be useful)

  • To start off, BSD/OS 4.3
    (when the installer asks for a serial, K8ix @Vix @Dnw (with the spaces) will do for 'unlimited' users)
    (note: the download password for all these files is 'bsdos', and the links will expire in 1 week)

    BSD/OS 4.3 binary (install) disc

    BSD/OS 4.3 source disc

    BSD/OS 4.3 patches disc

    BSD/OS 4.3 contributed sources disc (GNU etc.)

  • And BSD/OS 5.1

    (fc+j =VEa +L7m is a working 64 user serial for this, also, with all versions of BSD/OS don't give it a virtual HDD greater then 4GB or so since it uses old UFS without extensions and addresses drives by cylinder count and other such things)

    BSD/OS 5.1 install disc

    BSD/OS 5.1 contrib disc

  • Hmm. When I click on the links all I get is the same empty page.

  • Hmm? They all work in my browser, whether I'm signed in or not. That being said, if you need them posted somewhere else I might be able to oblige~

  • Links seem to be valid for me (I'm using Firefox if that makes any difference).

  • It seems like it is actively hostile to PaleMoon/NewMoon at least on all of my systems. That site is like some kind of Mega wannabe, completely dependent on encryption and scripting where even the wind blowing the wrong direction means no content. Not even a pause feature. What ever happened to just plain old HTTP download links?

    At any rate, I don't think I'm going to be able to get it from that site, it's giving me too many problems.

    I'd suggest just uploading these to archive.org. That is exactly the sort of thing that should be on archive.org anyway, and unlike some other software sites we are not trying to create some exclusive collection. Just post the links, and whenever I get a chance (I am rather busy right now, actually) I'll grab them and see about including them in Winworld,

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    I'm using Pale Moon 28.3.1 x64 on Windows 10 and it works. I just whipped out a 2003R2 laptop with New Moon 28.0.085 (ancient I know) and it went through the downloading process, just to get stuck at 100%.

    It could easily be an anti-NT5 vendetta. Unfortunately I don't have the time tonight to change the user agent to NT 10

  • Gotcha, I'll throw them on archive.org then

  • Works fine here, although I'm not sure if I downloaded these correctly or not.

    Is there any checksum?

    That's what I got:

    8311c2e359ca754a596ead62f635770dfdc1b145133e3e1a7e2e2c1a04fe15b820fa81796e02d1ce148c9f88cd3d5bc54afd2818f0e392cda857f181fac86f47 *bsdos-4.3-binary.iso
    fe2f258684cea0abea3a406a13507f7f97f4cf11f1e813f57d550a98e9a1ba721e67c1f1d8a8599018d886632d923f510ceec1270fd3b9964eb27dd55f6ecdff *bsdos-4.3-contributed-source.iso
    3ce72cfe1bd05426528a1c183d5e527a491596f74ee015641a4cca75156a4b9770a04311184470762656a759de7e321fac624f80d6a51b250448a84a9a7bb8de *bsdos-4.3-patches.iso
    b936118038abe326673901c42e47fcc8ec4abd90f2d8dd99c41165fb3dd48fc09de00d0764f1b59cc247dfaf72dfe3a13cb11f14fe57caef0f22b3ad326f2ac2 *bsdos-4.3-source.iso

    8b7d559f78f6d375d70c1289512dee4a7aa1428f4f2c250dd0f07a3e05304f9105a78e759eafd35bde69fc3cc7e2de82562603092bedff12f4c78906c9575c6f *bsdos-5.1-contrib.iso
    b80da2953f429b4afadba8287bb642205b5036e4da242245d4f21cfebaba6e3d8773ed9429ab3f5df062074c62b1a1aded026dd3f9943f469c787bd7f898b4a8 *bsdos-5.1-install.iso


  • https://archive.org/details/@bsdunixfan Uploaded everything to archive.org, as per your suggestions.

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