OFFER: StarOffice 3.1 for Linux

I have recently obtained a copy of the first StarOffice version for Linux from 1997 (v3.1), which has completely disappeared from the internet. It is not entirely clear whether this is the last beta 4 release or the final version, but it appears not to be a time-limited version. The packages come as RPM files (Redhat Package Manager version 2), require libc-5.4.4, and install in /opt/StarOffice-3.1. Binaries linked both statically and dynamically against Motif 2.0 are included. The statically linked version runs well on SuSE Linux 7.3 with libc-5.4.46 after some minor fiddling, although I had to install the user files by hand, because "setup" crashed with undefined symbols.

I have uploaded the package under the following link, which will expire on 19/04/2019:

There is a Mini-HOWTO available in several places on the web:

The archive was sourced from a shareware CD-ROM from the German IT magazine "c't" from 06/1997.


  • Wow thank you! CT CDs are almost always a big box of funny things.
    Old linux software is hard to find and not always easy to get up and running.

    If you never heard of LST linux (one of the first distributions), this one I've found on a chip CD from 1994:

    (It is in german, I think you might like that)

    The CT CD is also there on

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