[OFFER] Proper Dump of MS Pinball Arcade

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This is a proper ISO image of Microsoft Pinball Arcade. The one on here uses a fake (warez?) installer that misspells the name of the program shortcuts and folders, and lacks the opening video that this one has.

I'm not responsible for this copy, though it works great on my Windows NT 4 machine.



  • I hadn't realised the other one here was "fake" in some way until you mentioned it. Thanks for this. But, do you think I should uninstall or replace the "fake" one? (I have it installed on a VM by the way)

  • The vast majority of warez releases are safe, so I don't think there's a security risk with the bad dump.

    The only real difference is the lack of the opening video; warez game releases usually cut out full-motion video, music etc. to cut down on space.

    However most warez collections usually had a compressed copy of the installed folder, which would be extracted directly to the target without the use of an installer. Thus, its kinda rare to see a rebuilt installer, though I could see why considering the original installer is somewhat bloated compared to the generic installshield blue gradient installer.

  • Furthermore I discovered that one of the preset high score tables (the one for Baffle Ball) was wiped in the warez version but not in the legit ISO.

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