I recently obtained an SGI Indy. It's not quite ready to go yet, but when it is I will probably want to reinstall the OS. I know from working with an O2 that 64MB isn't really enough to run 6.5 comfortably, so I'd like to find 6.2. Does anybody have such a thing floating around?



  • Yeah you aren't going to be able to do anything too fun with 64MB, BUT you can workaround a lot of issues (for example a modern web browser) by exporting the X display on a newer machine to the Indy :)

    There's some IRIX 6.2 images on archive.org:
    https://archive.org/search.php?query=irix 6.2

    If they don't work I do have some 6.2 images kicking around.

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    I have a 6.2 iso and 6.5.2 iso if wanted ? I have some original floppies unopened In the box as well.

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