[OFFER] Windows 98 Second Edition (French)

Hello, I have an ISO for Windows 98 Second Edition in French!

ISO Link:


Since this is not on the library, I would like to contribute this version to the library.

-Sherman Herron (ShermanRetroWindowsFan)


  • This CD image has been tampered with.

  • @SomeGuy said:
    This CD image has been tampered with.

    How so? There doesn't appear to be anything fishy from the screenshot provided. Unless it's to do with its files from wonky dates again, like that other ISO discussed quite recently.

  • Exactly. Is it really too much to ask for an ISO that is dumped directly from a CD rather than some crufty set of files downloaded from who knows where?

    On something as insanely common as Windows 98, I'm not going to bother posting some half-assed copy while continuing to beg for a proper redump.

  • @SomeGuy said:
    This CD image has been tampered with.

    How about this link?:

  • You know, if you want to offer something to WinWorld that can have a better chance of being accepted to the library, you can just buy a legal copy of software or OSes. In this case, eBay and Amazon are your friends :)

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