Xenix SysV 386 v3.x

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Xenix SysV 386 v3.x

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  • Has anyone ever managed to get any of these working in ANY emulator? I've had no luck in 86box, PCem, or VirtualBox. All of these either crash the emulator when it attempts to load the filesystem (3.2.2n and 3.2.4y), they don't accept the license key on the page (3.2.4l), or they fail to boot entirely (4.2).

  • I uploaded a compiled version of Brandy onto WinBoards.Try to extract the valid serial with it.

  • does anyone know which floppy image is the boot image in the 4.2 archive, doesn't seem to be one labelled N1.img?

  • 4.2 doesn't even boot. I tried EVERY SINGLE FLOPPY.

  • `cpstnkko` is the proper activation code, at least for r3.2.4y.
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    Got SCO Unix System V 386 r3.2 4.2 to boot on PCem, but it's asking for a tape.
  • [3½ Floppy] SCO UNIX System V-386 4.2 (r3.2.4l) (1993) (3.5-1.44mb) seems broken on both download mirrors.
  • Fixed. Try it again now. Looks like there was a typo in the download path. Thanks for pointing that out.
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    For people looking for a serial for "SCO UNIX System V-386 3.2 (r3.2.4l) (3.5-1.44m)" (the 19.73MB image which is "SCO Open Server Network System 3.0.0" bundle with unlimited users), I looked into my crystal ball and saw those serials:


    brandy tool is not useful for "bundled" packages of SCO UNIX (like SCO "Open Desktop" or "Open Server"), since the activation key asked is used to decrypt and build each bundled product own "product key"
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