Vintage Computer Festival SouthEast 7.0

Anyone in the Atlanta area should check out VCFSE 7.0! It is being held April 27-28, 2019, At the new Computer Museum of America, 5000 Commerce Parkway, Roswell, GA 30076.

Experience hands-on exhibits on display spanning the history of computers from the earliest days of mainframe and mini-computers right up to the micro-computers (and, yes, gaming consoles) of the 1980s and 1990s

This year's theme is "Unix". Douglas McIlroy, one of the original developers of UNIX at AT&T Labs in 1969, is set to be the keynote speaker for the event on Saturday, April 27, 2019, from 11am to 12noon.

For more information, see:


This year the museum portion is almost completed. The official opening will be a few more months, but things should be looking really nice.


  • Well now I know where your avatar came from

  • Huh, cool. But what made you decide to make an announcement about the Vintage Computer Federation and their festivals here on WinBoards?

  • Because vintage hardware and vintage software go hand in hand. Plus, I plan to be there.

  • @TheTechWiz25 said:
    Well now I know where your avatar came from


  • Say, SomeGuy what were you using to create that picture of Visi Word? Is that an actual piece of old hardware?

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    Yes, that is a Compaq Portable Plus running Visi On.

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