IBM 433SX/S Harddrive failure and unable to install DOS on replacement drive

Hi there

I am new to this forum and to retro PC's. I have fond memories of the DOS and Win 3.11 era and I am digging my way into this retro world. I was a kid at the time Win 3.11 ran on computers and I did a lot of playing but not much installing and so on. I have now aquired an old IBM 433SX/X and it was working fine with Win 3.11 for workgroups and I did install a few games on floppy until it no longer would boot. All I got was the screen showing to insert a floppy disc. I went into the BIOS and I noticed that the hard drive was no longer recognized. I have tried to boot it up seperately using an external HDD power supply. The harddrive spins for a few seconds then stalls and whirls down. I have inserted an old 8 gb IDE harddrive and I am trying to install IBM PC-DOS but I am unable to get it to install. My best try was with PC-DOS 6.1. I got all the way into the installation process but then it promted that I needed DOS 2.1 or higher. Since then I have not been able to write a floppy with DOS that will be recognized as an OS disc. Do you guys have any suggestions as to what I have to do in order to get DOS and eventually Win 3.11 running on this machine again?

Please bear with my unexperienced approach.

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