[REQUEST] Windows 2003 SP2 Datacenter spanish edition x86 and x64

I am looking for these 2 versions, if someone would have them they could upload them

these are the exact buils I'm looking for

for 64bit

for 32bit


  • I'm sorry, but we don't allow XP or later to be uploaded here.

  • edited April 2019

    It's a bit of a juicy question now that NT 5.x is completely unsupported by MS.

    Visual Studio 2019 can still target Windows XP/2003, much like Office 2000 (and not 97 shh) has an compatibility pack for 2007 format files so it's probably the existence of useful (official) life-extending components that determine whether MS will allow it to be uploaded or not.

    XP also has a market share of 3.72% according to some sources, which is far higher than Windows 2000's 0.5% at EOS.

    So I think you'll have to wait several more years.

  • I'll have to wait. I hope it can be get in a couple of years.

  • Right. No XP or later due to Microsoft. Market share is irrelevant. Sorry about datacenter, which is obviously much less common.

    In the mean time, other sites may choose to carry that.

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