[OFFER] virtualbox images

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Hello, please forgive my bad English, I'm from Brazil.
I have the windows installation disks 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, 1.04 with the fix for the mouse, which is the windows 2.03 driver. I also have ready-made virtualbox 6.0 images. if there is interest, I will privately send a google drive link. I have more than 50 virtual machines with alpha and beta versions of windows, from 1.0 to 10, here in Brazil there is hardly anyone who appreciates old software, I would like to talk and exchange experiences with those who appreciate.


  • Edited your title for clarity.

    Keep in mind that most of the floppy disk images you are talking about are already on Winworld. Some people may indeed appreciate pre-configured VMs, but I think most here know how to install software themselves, and may wish to use different emulators (or better yet, real hardware.)

  • Hi everyone Martinelli you still got those pre-made windows virtualbox images i'm collecting vbox images and I could always use more.. I have quite a few on there u may want... let me know


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