[OFFER] ReadRight v2.0 for MS-DOS

ReadRight v2.0 for MS-DOS by OCR Systems
DISK IMAGES (2ct 5.25"): https://mega.nz/#!3vYymIzS!3VMorTRUHWePU0eI6Yhb2Rblp21jKpDBHcC0ZHC72yc
PHYSICAL MATERIALS: https://mega.nz/#!TqJEzarC!Kv8cGQX90bdAQoHJkTfJi3BnvUr1kY3Oh8ftNl2OxN8

An early OCR software package for MS-DOS, released in 1989.


  • This is also rare program, thanks very much.
    I didn't see it from eBay.

  • Not eBay. It was a lucky find from the flea market. This one vendor in particular offers at least a couple of computer-related things every week. This time he had tons of boxed software -- mostly boring Quicken-esque financial programs from the early 2000s on CDs in oversized boxes, but also some programs from the early to mid-1990s on floppies, which I picked up. I found these ReadRight floppies loose in a cardboard box, which also had some other loose floppies and several shareware CDs, which I also bought. I had to really rifle through that box to find it all.

    Definitely more work than purchasing this stuff on eBay, but also way less expensive and sometimes more fruitful with the rare older software like this, and I don't mind the exercise.

  • I also think that seems to be very lucky.

    I'm collecting and dumping a lot of 5.25" floppy disks compatible with original IBM PC 5150/5160.
    I'm mainly purchasing them from eBay.

  • Exactly, hats off to anyone who can find any of this stuff outside of eBeh.

    I'm not even aware of any real flea markets around where I am. I occasionally stop by thrift stores and find empty floppy disk holders where they have obviously just thrown out all of the software.

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    One of the flea markets I go to is just a stone's throw from my house, so I go every week when time (and weather) permits.

    @SomeGuy That really blows. I've seen LGR talk about that in one of his Thrifts episodes, where he goes to Goodwill and sees a floppy holder only to find it gutted of all its disks :(. It definitely spurred me to scope out these holders with intact disks at my local flea markets, and I've found a few since then. Most of the time they hold just random driver disks, shareware disks and handwritten backups of software, but luckily there's been a few hidden gems. I encourage others to look outside eBay for unpreserved software and games if they're interested in this kind of volunteer preservation.

  • I live just outside of a city of a few million residents (in a very developed nation, where home PCs have been common since the mid 90s) yet anything that predates Windows 7 is rare, hardware or software.

    The online classifieds have some hardware, but little made before 2005, and zilch for software (same for the nearest flea market). I guess all of the macbots and androids don't give a shit.

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