[REQUEST] SPSS 7 for Windows?

I'm looking for a working version of ibm's SPSS for Windows, preferably version 7 or newer. A version that should work on an OS like Win95 but also on newer versions of Windows.


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    This has SPSS 8.0 on CD 3. Unfortunately, i couldn't get it working because the provided product key doesn't work. And I couldn't find any others online.


    And this one has 9.0 on CD 2. I haven't tried it yet.

    I use SPSS 24 on a weekly basis at school, so this is of interest to me as well

  • Version 9 doesn't really work either. It says the license has expired.
    Quite a crappy application if it doesn't even work with real licenses (and I expect these keys to be real ones).

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    I changed the system date to 2000 from 2019 and then it worked. Until setting the date back to 2019 and then back killed it. The expiry date is listed as November 1, 2014.

    I guess when the warez dudes had their hands on it, they didn't view the licence checking as something that needed to be cracked. Too bad I'm not good at determining where operations take place in hex so I could make a crack.

    What you can do is keep the date before November 1, 2014, go to the SPSS folder in Program Files, open licrenew.exe, reenter both licence keys, and it will start working normally again.

    I must say, it's not really less intuitive than v24 but it's still much faster starting up (at school I use SPSS on AiOs with i5-6500s)

  • I somehow got it to work by setting back the date too.
    Were you able to install in on newer OS versions like WIndows 7?

  • I'm using Windows 2000. The installer is 16-bit so it won't run on x64 Windows. You'd have to copy the installed folder from a 32-bit version of the OS.

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