Delphi 5 Professional Version needed!

Can anyone upload and iso of delphi pro version?

looks like my pro disc has issues!

thanks in advance




  • If you just want to use it and not an ISO then you could grab from old dos:

    If anyone have proper ISO file then it would be nice to add it

  • Hmm 🤔 thanks for the help, but I don’t speak Russian. When checking that site at a glimpse I saw that it was the enterprise version.

    I did however find the professional version online. Then I compared to my full cd 💿 version. And it checks out! I even installed it on nt4 to see if it installed successfully and it did. The only drawback is interbase not wanting to install? The problem applies to the legit Borland CD 💿 I have with the pro version. Other than that all is good even my serial works a treat with it!

  • Maybe I will find out why interbase won’t install. I will check back later with my findings!

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