Request: Microsoft Plus! 95 Swedish (CD)

I throwed away my Microsoft Plus! 95 CD (swedish) a few years ago thinking it would exist here...well I was wrong, its just the "diskette version" here, a lot is missing, video "Weezer - Buddy Holly", games like "Hover" and many more things. Does anyone have this?

Also wondering about the Plus 98! in Swedish.

EDIT: I have searched on the internet, I don't remember the other games name. Most people say the games and media was on the Win95-install disc, but not the swedish I had(?), we only had a "Återställningsskiva för Windows 95" from IBM that didn't have any games on it and then a Win95 Plus!.


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    I don't have either, but I can tell you that Hover and the Weezer video are on the Windows 95 CD-ROM, which exists in Swedish on here (as OSR2.x).

    All of the core components of MS Plus! should exist on the floppy version (no extras like Windows 95 itself).

  • Oh yes there they are, thank you. I do still want the cd-version of the MS Plus! That would be a little bit easier to transfer, or may it work to extract the img-files into one folder and burn on a cd?

  • Yes, the img files can be combined into one large folder without issue.

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