Wine for windows? Also PCem help!

A few years back, I was on Windows 8.1 I found a program, I think it was something like "Wine for windows", after installing I was able to set up the settings to windows 95 and 256 colors, most programs did work like "Lost mind of dr. Brain" and "Chip challange" and others from WEP, I don't find my folder with the program in and I can not find it anymore. I did try to search and found "WineD3D" when I install it nothing happens? (I'm using windows 10 now days)

Also I do need with PCem when installing Windows 98? The sound is lagging and everything is really slow, what do you use for best setting and is it a way to set speed somehow?

This might be a little bit off topic but Its about "old" games and program that I want to play and use that is not compatible with new windows.


  • It may have been WineVDM.

    As for PCem, its hardware requirements are incredibly high and I had stuttering with anything above a Mobile Pentium MMX 120 (on an i5-4250U). Depending on your hardware, you may be unable to emulate a decent config for win98.

  • Yes, oh thank you again, it is WineVDM.

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