Expert Dream Interpreter 1999

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imageExpert Dream Interpreter 1999

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  • Does not support Windows NT 3.51, both installers will fail with the message "Target OS not supported".

  • This is a weird program...never heard of it. I can probably guess why it never caught on.

  • Also installs easily in Windows ME.

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    That "Target OS not supported" message appears in Windows 2000 as well, so presumably any NT OS is affected. Compatibility mode/fcwin2k/NNN4NT5/whatever fixes that problem and it kinda works (handbook of dreams points to Windows Help, which complains the file is too new/unrecognizable). If there's a way to fake the OS version in NT 3.51/4, then at least the 16bit version will work. It's not like it uses DirectX or anything.

    Or of course, just copy the installed folder, in addition to installing the Borland Database Engine.

    It doesn't ask for a CD in the drive when running so that's not really required either.

    Final observation; the "32-bit" version is still 16-bit as it runs snuggly under NTVDM.

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