[OFFER] UNIX Software

I've ripped a few commercial software releases for UNIX recently, and figured I'd offer them up here for all of you:

Here is Sun Java Workshop 2.0 for Solaris 2.x and Windows NT/9x

Here is Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.9.2 for Solaris 2.x

Here is Symbolics Open Genera 1.0 for Digital UNIX/Compaq Tru64

Note that I haven't tested any of these releases (My Sun and DEC systems aren't currently in a working state).


  • I left a comment on the Java WorkShop 2.0 download page (https://winworldpc.com/product/sun-java-workshop/20) but wanted to say thank you here as well. I thought all I would find of JWS was the old pages for it on the Wayback Machine, and sure enough there were just pages with no downloads on there. The whole 2.0 product is here though. Absolutely brilliant. Cheers!

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