Windows 95 OSR2 product keys don't work

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I'm trying to install Windows 95 OSR2 on my 486 machine. I downloaded the ISO from the 95 OSR2 page (the English OEM ISO) and the provided serials do not work. The ISO will not accept any serials. I've tried at least 50 different serials with no results. If anyone knows of a serial that works with this ISO (none on the Serials thread do) that would be awesome! Thanks!


  • You could try the OSR2.1 ISO which will install the same thing (the USB supplement must be installed separately). The one that starts with 24796 on the product page should work.

  • Thank you for your reply. I got it working, I was installing over an OEM copy so I had to use the key in the old installation :smile:

  • You can try 123-1234567 if I recall correctly.

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