Not sure of this is WinWorld's fault, but the login and password recovery do not work on Bromite

Ok, so today I received instructions from the WinWorld Twitter profile on how to recover my account after I was locked out for quite a while. I proceed to open up the recovery link in Bromite ( on my phone and it greeted me with a login error when trying to use the temporary recovery password. I fire up Google Chrome and there the same exact procedure succeeded and I got back into my account. I'm sure this is a small bug of some kind, but it sure gave me a good scare and made me mistakenly think for a moment that I was banned for the 2 or 3 not so good threads back when I was an unexperienced immature 16 year old (late 2016 to early 2017, those days are long gone). Not sure if this browser incompatibility issue gave the same scare to other people, but you guys should definitely look into fixing it .


  • Looking that up, "bromite" claims to just be an ad blocker, so it should work. No idea why anyone would want to access Winworld via a "phone" :P If you are sure it is the ad blocker, you might want to file a bug report here: although I have not seen Calvin (our developer) around latley.

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