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Cool little project I came across. I wondered for a couple of years if a project like this was possible for accessing the web on old machines and it turns out it is indeed possible and works about as well as you could expect. Kind of fun to set the proxy in your old browser and browse the web like it's the past:



  • Huh, cool. I like using the Wayback Machine for getting a look at what some websites looked like many years ago, and for checking out websites that may be offline as of this era. Though me myself doesn't always see a need to use a proxy like this one for using the Wayback Machine for that type of stuff, so that's good.

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    Cool. Although on more obscure websites it is less useful as the Wayback Machine doesn’t tend to archive all of the pages on them.

  • That's cool. Might make a good prank you could play on someone.

  • Might be useful for me as Toshiba took down the historical/legacy content off their eu website yesterday.
    Should've archived that stuff sooner...

  • Hi guys,

    I tried the proxy, but wasn't too happy with it and wrote my own proxy for the Wayback Machine. It's a single JavaScript-file with no external dependencies and I do run it as a daemon on my Linux server:


    It's tested with IE5 on Mac, Netscape 4.8 on Mac, various IEs on Win 98, Me etc.

    Cheers, Jan

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