Request : Easy Cut Studio

Hi. I was wondering if anyone had a copy of an older version of easy cut studio. I have just sorted my old vinyl cutter out of the attic and would like to see if this software is compatable with my plotter before a buy a newer version.
thanks in advance


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    Roland vinyl cutter by chance? If so, I have plain "Cut Studio" somewhere, but not Easy Cut Studio. If that's what you need, I can get it for you on Tuesday.

    It'll be a zip file containing the installer, not an ISO. I have no idea where the disk is and just have the installer saved on a file server from years ago.

  • Sorry for the delay. Thanks for your reply. You are correct, I have the roland camm1 pnc 950. If your software would work on this plotter I would be extremely grateful for a copy. Many Thanks.

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