[OFFER] Media and Document Scans for Various Software Titles

edited June 2019 in Offers & Requests

Enclosed in this link is a PDF file containing unaltered high-quality scans of the following items:

-Windows 98 FE OEM CD-ROM and jewel case back cover
-Simply Accounting 8.5a CD-ROM and jewel case back cover
-Windows 95 OSR 2.1 CD-ROM
-Calendar Creator 4.0 jewel case covers
-Microsoft Works 4.0/for Windows 95 Companion (manual, front and back covers)
-In and Out of the Classroom with Microsoft Works* (manual, front and back covers)
-Microsoft Works for Windows 95 media scans (floppy disks 2-6)
-Syracuse Language Systems TriplePlay Plus! (manual, front and back covers; don't have the media)
-Windows 2000 Professional Commemorative Edition, including the following items:

       -Box (excluding inside cover; didn't want to risk damaging it)
       -High Encryption Floppy Disk and front of its protective cover
       -Quick Start Guide (front and back covers)
       -Getting Started (front and back covers)

Somehow I duplicated the first few CD-ROM images at the end. No sophisticated PDF editors on my modern machines so not much drive to fix that.

*That companion manual shipped only with the Academic Edition of Works 4.0/95. This version also includes an extra floppy disk of templates meant to be used in classrooms, which I no longer have.


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