[REQUEST] Microsoft C 5.0 (re-image)

"Microsoft C 5.0 Optimizing Compiler (5.25)" currently on Winworld is incomplete. PACKING.LST in Setup Disk.img lists nine diskettes in the set but there are only four in the 7z archive.

So if someone could re-image it, that would be cool. Cheers.


  • Yes, there are total 9 disks.

    Compiler Disk (048-014-116)
    Utilities Disk (048-014-117)
    Includes Files and Library Disk (Small Model) (048-014-118)
    Libraries Disk (Medium Model and Compact Model) (048-014-119)
    Library Disk (Large Model) (048-014-120)
    Microsoft CodeView with Tutorial Disk (048-014-121)
    Microsoft QuickC Product Disk (048-014-122)
    Setup Disk (048-014-124)
    Addtional Utilities Disk (01287)

    WinWorld should remain the commant as "Incomplete set"

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