How to Improve the Stability of Windows 9x

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I mentioned how some Windows 9x releases don't play well with certain hardware in the 98FE thread. I think this may be the solution:

You will find the executable that executes a script to copy certain vxd files from the 98/Me CD-ROM to partially take the place of vmm32.vxd, which doesn't cope well with changes in hardware configurations as it is never updated.

These files are supposed to supplant vmm32.vxd when 9x is installed but for some weird reason they're not usually copied.

I can't find the one for 95 but you can track down the cabs with the vxds listed in the FAQ. Those can be copied to %systemroot%\WINDOWS\SYSTEM and %systemroot%\WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32. Hopefully, whatever weird win9x quirk you're experiencing may disappear.

I'll have to test it soon to see if it fixes the 95 shutdown bug on my T41.

If you want to do this manually on Windows Me, extract the following files from to the WINDOWS\SYSTEM and WINDOWS\SYSTEM\VMM32 folders:


For Windows 98, copy the above files from

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