[REQUEST] Framemaker 2.0d for NeXTSTEP

Hello everyone,

I'm looking for Framemaker 2.0d for NeXTSTEP. I've got a valid license key, but my install disks are completely hosed. Don't suppose anyone here has a copy (or any other version of Framemaker for NeXTSTEP that might work with 2.0d's key) they'd be willing to upload?


  • I forget, was that one of the 3.5" 2.88mb disks? Or was it just 1.44mb?

  • Just regular old high density. The Appsoft Image disks were the 2.88mb ones. Those I had no trouble with, but then they'd been stored in their original box with all the documentation, while the Framemaker disks were stored in a shoebox with the license card (which was covered in rust colored mildew stains).

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