Can there be a wiki for this website? It is for covering the software in our library.
Also if anybody doesnt want to pay for hosting the wiki, I can use miraheze.


  • @SomeGuy @calvinb @Duff can you please say if this is needed or not? We need at least 15 supports if we want the wiki to be created.
    Also to edit, you will have to create an account, and to prevent vandalism, most edits will be sent into a moderation queue using https://mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Moderation.

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    The powers that be will determine whether new WinWorld-branded services are created of course, but I am willing to write about stuff like Windows 2000 unofficial updates.

    Workarounds and patches to get older OSes/software to work optimally or at all could also be referenced on the page for the applicable OS/software, beyond the detail available in the WinWorld product pages.

  • A Wiki would be beneficial, so that all information can be put in one place and easier to find. But first, wait until there's official word from any of the guys that you tagged (which is actually no need to do, because that would be attention-seeking).

  • The library database basically IS a structured "wiki". Although I'm the only one who ever edits it.

    If anyone has information they think should be added to a product or release, please post about it in the software forum or the product's comments.

    If there were anyone else deemed very trustworthy, Duff or Calvin could grant edit access. But that does not seem likely to happen.

  • I think I agree with SomeGuy's statement. WinWorld already has information about old software in their download pages in the library, so there's really no need for a wiki. Also, I'm sure there might be a time where you would start letting certain people edit pages in the library. That does seem like a nice idea, though.

  • I support this, because i agree with @Bry89

  • Then what "information" would you put in a Wiki? Product and release information? That's already in the library. Tutorials? We use the forum for that, and if we had enough posts (we don't currently) we would create a sub-forum. Screenshots? We also have those in the library and users can add their own in comments.

    How would a Wiki make things easier to find? Even with wikis I always have to resort to using google site search anyway. The only ways I can think of improving search would use data from the library.

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    Well, the wiki will have more information than in the library.
    Along with tuts to install certain software.

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    Wiki sounds great... but are we sure that's what WinWorldPC needs?

    Currently we have too many wikis, not too much material.

    You could find nicely catalogued info about things like Borland C++ or Zortech C++ here:

    Not a lot of info about DOS and Windows there, though.

    And then there are nice info about Windows versions there:

    But no info about Zortech C++ or Symantec C++...

    And you could find nice timeline of DOS in Wikipedia, of all things:

    I would love to have wiki with all that info in one place... but wouldn't we and up with the usual: https://xkcd.com/927/

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