Extensionless Mac files/Interesting Apple Dealer CD-ROM

This particular CD-ROM image looked quite interesting to me so I downloaded it, opened it up in 7zip and extracted the contents.

Two of the files were in eps format and so that part was straightforward. But everything else of substance lacked extensions.
Why? I have a hunch that it may have something to do with 7zip not understanding resource forks though there's only some rhythm to the loss of extension data.

P.S. The "CTXXXX" files open in Adobe Illustrator, the ads/"Internet" files are PDFs and the letters were typed up in an old version of Word.

P.P.S. I also found out that Word 2019 blocks the opening of Word 95 and earlier documents by default for "security" reasons. I don't see a surge in Word for DOS 4-based exploits coming anytime soon.


  • It has a "toast" extension. It was probably created with Adaptec/Roxio Toast and it is probably just an ISO file. Rename the extension to ISO and try burning it.

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