CD Installation of Visual Basic 6

Hi Everyone,

I just found this site - wonderful.

I want to teach my 7 year-old grandson how to do some basic programming so looked around for an old (but legit) version of Visual Basic and found it on WinWorld. I have downloaded the ISO file and now have to install it on a PC running XP which a friend gave to me. Not much on it.

I'm looking for some guidance about installation. It's been a long time since I've done anything like this.

Can anyone help?




  • In this case, you can burn the ISO's contents to a CD/DVD or copy it directly to the target system with something like a USB flash drive, then install VirtualCloneDrive (freeware - to mount the ISO in a virtual CD-ROM drive.

    Setup should be straightforward. If a CD Key is requested, enter all ones.

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