[OFFER] Sigma OS

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Sigma OS 3.0 is a modified version of Longhorn 4074 with the 180-day limit removed and with modifications to make it working for semi-daily use


  • I'am test it in VMWare.

  • It installs easily in VirtualBox, with Guest Additions.

  • I'll have to see if my T60 will accept this. The real 4074 errors out in the file copying stage.

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    A hackjob of a beta...? Hmm, I don't see this being accepted, unless it's an "official" hackjob but still.

    I'll test it under VPC 2007 later on. Looks promising.

    EDIT: Just installed it, and it looks great actually (although Virtual Machine Additions was required at first). I like how it has Opera and Paint.NET as default tools for everyday stuff :P However though, setup couldn't install a sound driver so my use of the OS would be staying mute. Not bothered really. At least everything else is functional :)

  • Hehe, looks cool. Gonna try it in vmware.
    Also does it support aero? Im installing on a vm with 804mb ram and 24gb hdd.

  • @VistaFan6002 said:
    Also does it support aero? Im installing on a vm with 804mb ram and 24gb hdd.

    It uses a modified version of Aero.

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    Nope, it's a no go on my T60. Non-ACPI compliant BIOS just like with every other 4xxx/5xxx Longhorn build. If ACPI is disabled then I get a 0x7b STOP even in IDE mode.

  • https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwKtVqBdJOy3RHlZeW94WmRJRTA/view

    Bios Date: 25 april 2004
    Serial: TCP8W-T8PQJ-WWRRH-QH76C-99FBW

  • Um... Winworld already has Longhorn 4074.

  • @win32 said:
    Um... Winworld already has Longhorn 4074.

    Looks like theyre spamming the forums. Anyways, they were giving the link to sigma os and the bios/serial for 4074.

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