Microsoft resuscitates Windows 1.0

MS has a new bright idea up their sleeve; advertising the "new" advanced operating environment on Twitter.

Hopefully it does get open-sourced considering that it has very little in common with the commercially viable Windows products around today.


  • I really don't see why they would open source it, although it would be interesting to see it finally ported to a few 8088/8086 platforms like the TI Professional Computer that (apparently) did not have Windows ports.

    Also, BTW, awful web site. An auto playing video and a popover? They don't want to be a web site, they want to be TV station.

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    What also gets me is the "rollover" thing most of these MS propaganda rags do. I scroll down to read the comments and bam! I'm reading a completely different article.

    Because clickbait hyperlinks aren't enough anymore.

  • Terminal better have Telnet support this time around.

    Although MS-DOS Executive is probably easier to use than Windows 10’s File Explorer.

  • @robobox said:
    Although MS-DOS Executive is probably easier to use than Windows 10’s File Explorer.

    As someone who never used that, I can sort of agree. I got frustrated with Win10 few times too many.

    As for the article, what a nice little surprise. Windows 1 shall live again! :D

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    I think the tie in to stranger things may be a more likely explanation. But an open source release would be interesting I suppose. I wonder if there is any of that code still in Windows 10?

    @robobox said:
    Although MS-DOS Executive is probably easier to use than Windows 10’s File Explorer.


  • Most of the current code likely is from the NT 3.x era. You haven’t been able to run 1.x and 2.x applications natively since 3.0.

    Personally, I wonder if a remaster can run third party Windows 1.0 applications.

  • Windows 1.11 unfortunately does not support the TI Professional Computer.

    It also now runs on top of Windows 10 instead of DOS. And it's 775 MB, which means that it's about the same size as the Windows Server 2003 R2 installation media. (no popovers or turnovers here!)

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    I don’t think it’s compatible with Windows 1.x binaries, especially being from the Microsoft Store.

    It would have made more sense for it to run on DOS.

    EDIT:775 MB for this? Tell that to those who have a 200 MB HDD!

  • If Microsoft is so about this retro stuff...why not take what was best about ALL of the old stuff and roll it into a feature update for 10....or a new Windows release.

    The reason people stuck with 3.11/95/98SE/XP/7 for so long is they actually worked well and continued to well after their EOL (except maybe 3.11 considering it's EOL was almost 20 years after release). What I think Microsoft should do is take what worked from those, and use that to make a stable Windows release that's actually a Tool rather than a toy. A putty knife made out of clear, pretty, and brittle plastic is beaten any day by a metal one with a wooden handle, even if the other is cheaper and pretty.

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    They created a "Windows Throwback" desktop theme for Windows 10, which added some wallpapers and replaced most system sounds with the "tada" from... Windows Vista!

    Because that is what people put on their PCs in 1985. Must be abandoned. Upload to WinWorld now!!! /s

    Seriously though, I also do want a true return to the classic ideals that made Microsoft Windows the favoured OS of users like me. Why not a Windows 2000 [20th] Anniversary Update? (yeah I know that is asking for waaaayyyy too much from MS anyway)

  • The reason people stuck with those OS's for so long is because that's what they had. Most people don't change OS's unless they get a new computer.

    Windows 10 has all the same stability of the previous versions. I rarely had BSOD's with XP or 7 or 8.1 or 10. Though I did have a few with 7 and XP... 8.x and 10 on the same hardware never BSOD'd. The 7 BSOD's were mostly due to AMD drivers being crap.

  • In my experience, Windows 10 is more unstable than anything I've used since Vista... but most of that comes from botched updates. Whoever thought it was a good idea to have the entire OS reinstall itself every 6 months needs to be fired.

  • It be nice if Microsoft release Windows 1.0 Source Code like they did MS-DOS Source Code. I hope they can turned Windows 1.01 into real Apps of Windows 10.

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