[OFFER] QNX 2.2 3.5" floppy

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QNX 2.2 3.5" floppy image for 8088 and 8086 processors.


  • Great find. But please try to put the OS info in the title after [OFFER] or [REQUEST]. If not, it would be very confusing.

  • Updated title. Also as far as I can tell this is the "AT" release for 286+ AT and PS/2 systems. It looks like there were two separate 2.2 releases, one for PC/XT and one for AT/286. Presumably the 360k release would have the 8088/8086 PC/XT version.

  • Good correction there. Yes I'm still trying to source the 360kb floppy version for 8088 XT CPUs.

  • Thanks.
    I also see a few 5.25" or 3.5" games uploaded on archive.org.

  • Hi. Yes I’m archiving my collection and sticking them all on archive.org for backup.

  • @robbo007

    That's great.
    I also have most of games that you have as package.
    Thanks to your help, I can verify my "Secret of the Silver Blade" version 1.0

  • Do you have a Kryoflux?

  • @robbo007

    I don't have Kryoflux, but I use SCP.

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