[OFFER] Abandonware Floppy Disk Collection and Abandonware DOS-based Program Collection

Over 1000 Abandonware Floppy Disk Collection. Thanks BetaArchive Member ComputerHunter for find these. This came from a My Digital Life topic. Most of the files in that archive are in VFD (Virtual Floppy Disk) format and you can convert it to IMG (Floppy Image) format by simply changing .vfd to .img because they are both raw sector dumps (so they are identical). All credit goes to original contributors of the archive. Here for a list of files included. https://pastebin.com/E8gnpy7A

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Abandonware DOS-based Program Collection
An archive containing over 2800 DOS-based programs from 1980-2003 (primarily games and entertainment software) in .zip or .rar archives. Uploaded to archive.org by Jason Scott on May 6, 2013. All credit goes to original contributors of the archive.

Since it is an 8.2GB archive, you can view archive https://ia801705.us.archive.org/view_archive.php?archive=/7/items/DOS.Memories.Project.1980-2003/DOS.Memories.Project.1980-2003.zip

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  • That's a good idea, to share something interesting going on over at BetaArchive here on WinWorld. I believe this is the thread which this one is about.

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