[REQUEST - CLOSED; READ UPDATE] ViewSonic Pocket PC V35 Foldable Keyboard DRIVER

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I recently gota ViewSonic V37 Pocket PC and have been playing around with it and mostly got it working, except for the foldable keyboard I got with it. I checked the instructions included with the keyboard and it says that it requires a driver on the included CD... You can probably guess by this point that that CD was missing and the keyboard hasn't been working for me.

I already tried looking around Google and old Pocket PC sites but there wasn't much I was able to find, just manuals and scammy driver PuPs. Looking on subreddits didn't help since any Pocket PC subs are dead or just don't exist. If you know of any good Subreddits or other forums where people might be able to help, please let me know.

If it's any help, the driver is a Pocket PC application that is delivered via ActiveSync as a program. I would have to assume that this mysterious CD in the manual just had the application on it.

Aside from the driver, if you know of any good software I should get (and where to get it lol), please let me know.

Thank you,


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