Windows Odyssey And Triton.

Windows Odyssey And Triton are both Windows operating systems that never came to be. Odyssey was based off Neptune which MAY be why it is not on here. After My Research I Concluded Triton came out before Odyssey But Triton looks more like Windows XP Than Odyssey did. Triton And Odyssey are the two abandon-ware that are not on WinWorldPC. And they also are not that well known so i'm wondering why they are not on the website. And if there are reasons, tell me in the comments plus make sure to do: @alitomotodd to make sure i notice them.


  • No builds of either are known to exist anywhere. The only proof of their existence is in some antitrust documents.

  • @Alitomotodd I have only seen pictures of Odyssey And Triton. The two operating systems have the proof of pictures which are not enough to prove that they exist.

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