My CRT is very dull

I recently acquired a mostly matching set of components for a Dell Dimension 4100 desktop. Nothing too unique, P3, 512mb ram, 40gb hard drive.

The Dell CRT it came with isn't performing too great, though. The first thing I noticed is that it's extremely dull. Like, at 100 brightness, it's barely visible in an indoors environment. Then I realized the Bliss background in XP has terrible contrast. The sky looks fine, and you can see some of the brighter parts of the grass on the hill, but the darker areas are totally black and indistinguishable.

And did I mention that everything is fuzzy? Really really fuzzy.

My main question is, do CRT monitors go bad with time, and does it resemble this? Or am I just being dumb and don't know how to set my monitor up correctly?


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    Well, I would double check all of the controls just to be sure. Check to see if there are any on the back. Also test the monitor with a different computer just to make sure the computer isn't doing something whacky. Does this monitor have "on screen" display settings? If so, does that look right or is it also too dim?

    There are several things that can go wrong with CRT monitors. At this stage in the game, electrolytic capacitors sometimes fail in power circuits, and possible if a unit was not well stored. At least those are usually an easy fix for someone who can solder.

    Although, the fuzziness suggests a problem with the high voltage unit. HVUs are a a bigger headache because tracking down identical matched parts is difficult.

    The tube itself usually does not go bad like that, although it can happen.

    There may be controls inside the unit that can be adjusted. But you only want to mess with those if you really know what you are doing (don't use metal screwdrivers to turn the controls, use something plastic and long). Of course, since those are set at the factory, that still indicates that something is going bad.

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