GTE Stevedore Menu

When I was a boy, I managed to get an IBM PC XT (1986 model, I believe) that at one time was a machine used by GTE -- now Verizon. It had a piece of DOS menu software on it, that was very simple--Solid blue background, magenta text, add options for DOS programs and had batch editing--under a trademark called Stevedore.(It had Stevedore(c) in the corner of the screen.) ( When I looked it up was a name owned by GTE). I'm wondering if anyone, has this, or knows where I could get it! Thanks for your help and thanks for the awesome group!


  • I really hope you see this misterspock1, I have a copy of this menu system you describe. My father worked for GTE for years and had brought a copy home when I was a kid. I just recently found it again on an old backup tape I made some 25+ years ago. Let me know.....
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