[OFFER] Windows 1.0 Beta Release VGA Display and PS2 Mouse driver

There are no drivers for VGA display and PS/2 mouse under the Windows 1.0 Beta Release download section. The Win1.x VGA patch does not fully support this release (does not change driver name and etc.) and will cause a bunch of useless files to be copied to the Windows directory.

I've made a driver installation disk with fully working VGA display and PS/2 mouse drivers. The installation should be started by running install.bat and 4 files will be copied to the Utilities disk (no drivers will be deleted nor any will be overwritten so you can still choose Microsoft Mouse, CGA, EGA and HGC display).

This has been tested on both real hardware and virtual machines, therefore proved to be working. The VGA display driver was based on John Elliott's patch. If possible, please put this under the download section so it is easier for people to find working drivers.

Download here: https://mega.nz/#!VVMChQYK!l2cleUnXPBG7RHDuwMggmiPS4DdEu4YKHrXHukJp0Mo

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