Windows 2000 Pre-Beta

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Windows 2000 Pre-Beta

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  • Another mislabel. 1059 is a beta of BackOffice 2000.

  • @vlad557776 said:
    Another mislabel. 1059 is a beta of BackOffice 2000.

    It is actually a Small Business Server build

  • @Missileboi, build 1059 is a beta of Windows 2000 Small Business Server with Service Pack 1. It probably belongs in the Final section.
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    Build 1059 Is a Small Business Server and you can tell it is actually a Small business server due to it's name (Microsoft Windows 2000 ("NT 5.0" 5.00.1059.0 {{SBS}} B1)

    It surely belongs in the final section, I Installed it and upon boot it said "MS Windows 2000 Server Family Built on New Technology" So it belongs in the final section. By the way the SBS/Server Family Build number is: 2195.0 I even screenshoted it:
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 (''NT 5.0'' 5.00.1515.1 Professional) is bad.
  • It works fine for me in 86Box.

  • Is the CD bootable?
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