[OFFER] CD with various old software

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Long time ago I got a CD recorded by someone. It contains a lot of software from around 1993-1996. Most of it is English, some is French.
The pain is in going through all the 8-letter named directorires to find out what software it contains, checking out whether it works and repacking it to separate file.

This is what I managed to find out:

Maple V Release 3 (1994, slightly damaged help system. BTW cracked? Accepts DOS-0000-000000-0 as S/N)
Mathematica 2.2 (1993)
Microsoft Visual FoxPro 3.0a (1995, Professional Edition, sometimes crashes)
Hex Workshop 2.10 (1996, no setup)
WinImage 2.50 (1996)
PartitionMagic 3.0 (1996)
Adobe Pagemaker 6.0 (1996?, French)
Microsoft Windows 95 Resource Kit Utility (1995, .ANI Editor, Batch Setup, Enhanced Print Troubleshooter, Emergency Recovery Utility, INF Installation Tool, Adapter Help, Configuration Backup, Log Viewer, Quick Resolution Changer etc.)
Avery LabelPro 2.0 (1993?)
Bryce 2 (1996?)
Fractal Design Painter 4 (1996?)
Fractal Design Poser 1.0.1 (1995?)
LAYO1_Q.ZIP (some obscure French PCB design software for DOS)


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